What is this?

Sites have been seeking this solution for decades and we are proud to have released SiteDocs Portal. Never again will Sites be handing paper to Monitors concerning their core site documents.
These core documents will now be continuously current, will be made digitally available to Monitors in a way that is acceptable to global Biopharma and Regulatory Authorities.

Using this first class system and its workflows, Sites are now keeping their Monitors current with their Site documents, and collaborating internally, as applicable.

If you are a Site representative and feel the pain of paper, regarding correspondence and collaboration with your Monitors, contact TrialDocs concerning a SiteDocs Portal.
If you are a Monitor and you would like to support your Sites in the area of documentation practices, give TrialDocs a shout out.

Advantage to you!

Sites will never again need to provide to Monitors their core site documents in a paper format. At the moment Site staff provide, per paper or email, these documents as requested by Monitors, and Sites know intimately the wasted time they spend on this activity, ongoing!

View SiteDocs Portal overview documentMonitors will no longer need to request these core documents as they will have up-to-date documents available to them at all times.

This means that many hours per month are saved by the Site and also by the Monitor or Study Start up teams.

Site departments will have the capacity to collaborate across the entire Site for Hospital level documents, while the Monitors will have access to all documents applicable only to them.

Sites members also have the capacity to refer this solution to their contacts at other Sites, as a way of generating revenue for their department.

Where to get started?

Simply request a SiteDocs Portal set-up at email hidden; JavaScript is required and one of our consultants will liaise with you within 24 hours.