What is this?

TrialDocs has partnered with Front Edge Software for the global implementation of Digimango XML ETL Suite. While Digimango is a unique and powerful tool in ANY industry, TrialDocs is working closely with Sites and BioPharma for its ease of use in this industry. Current users speak of its ease and simplicity of use for data exchange.

brochure-digimangoExamples of use for the Biopharma industry:

–        Business to Business exchange of data (XML) according to ANY XML schema
–        Integration of data between multiple systems
–        Data migration
–        Use of the Digimango API for data exchange
–        XML document shredding into any database tables/columns of your choice (typically, Biopharma companies will store multiple thousands of XML documents per clinical trial)

Advantage to you!

Our partner company, Front Edge Software has created a genius technology, Digimango XML ETL Suite, which will greatly simplify your data exchange needs, without the price tag typical of such a service. Your IT consultants will be impressed.

Your needs are specific and the advantages of using this tool are endless, either as standalone or as part of your current stack.

Where do I get started?

Simply make a data exchange request at email hidden; JavaScript is required and one of our consultants will liaise with you within 24 hours, to arrange an initial consultation.