jEyLaBs Pty Ltd is an Australian based technology consulting and development company. The team at jEyLaBs are workflow experts particularly of Microsoft Sharepoint and K2. They have an impressively talented and global team of professionals, and rarely presented is their capacity to efficiently and masterfully develop an idea from concept to a market winning, revenue generating solution.


We made a decision to partner with Recall Document Management Solutions because of their customer focus, their breadth of end to end services and because of their global reach. Their document storage, destruction and digital services team has supported the transformation of the TrialDocs business.


TrialDocs has a focused commission, to smooth the path for Sites and Industry. Throughout the journey we collaborate with companies who seek to achieve the same objective, in parallel ways. Clinical Trials Connect is one of those such companies. We endorse, and where possible, promote their offerings.

We are impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of their patient recruitment tools, supporting both Sites and Biopharma in this essential aspect of a clinical trial.

Biopharma have been presented many challenges in recent years, and a few great companies will use current technology and design new solutions to respond effectively. . Clinical Trials Connect have shown great foresight in the use of technology and the online space to execute real solutions.


TrialDocs was founded as a change-agent and serves to genuinely contribute to the e-Clinical space. Similarly, TrialDocs serves to contribute back to community, donating to such organisations as No-Limits Project.

No-Limits add value to youth, by transforming mindsets and environment around possibility. A couple of programs run by No-Limits is ZONE OUT and DREAM BIG DREAM HIGH. ZONE OUT is a program specifically designed to help people break out of their comfort zones and go to a new level in their career, dreams, aspirations and their personal lives.

DREAM BIG DREAM HIGH is a program inspiring people to live life with N0 LIMITS!

The presentation aims to motivate people to DREAM BIG DREAM HIGH and aspire to maximise their opportunities in life with fresh vision for their future.