Clinical Trial Sites

TrialDocs is a gateway of transformational solutions to Clinical Trial Sites, advocating improved practices at Sites. TrialDocs prepare Sites for the e-Clinical space and is introducing the strong pipeline of software, hardware and consultation solutions.

TrialDocs collaborate closely with Sites regarding:

–        Archiving (both paper and electronic)
–        SiteDocs Portal
–        Scanning solutions (including onsite medical records ingestion to EMR and clinical trial documentation)
–        Data Solutions
–        Site SOPs: Extensive set of Site specific SOPs for all aspects of the clinical trial process at Sites. SOPs have been positively assessed by Clinical Research Professionals, Auditors and Regulatory Inspectors.
It is important that Clinical Trial Sites are set up with procedures to support the management of all clinical trial aspects at Site. We deliver to Sites, at a reasonable price, the complete set of Site specific SOPs as well as staff training manuals. These have stood the test of time and the scrutiny of Clinical Research Professionals, Auditors and Regulatory Inspectors.

–       Email conversion software: Outlook Add-In to convert all project specific email (and their attachments) to pdf, instead of printing to multiple hardcopy binders.

–       Low density Scanning solutions: A dilemma the biopharma industry finds itself in is the lack of controls in place to ensure proper quality of e-document provision by Sites. TrialDocs supports Sites with scanning solutions and set-up to ensure industry expected
document quality.

–       Online patient recruitment solutions: We support Sites in resourcing quality digital recruitment tools, to support optimal and efficient strategies.