Biopharmaceutical Companies & Contract Research Organisations

Country-wide or project-wide contracts are implemented to reduce overall costs and support project efficiencies by using TrialDocs solutions and services.

We work directly with your Sites to support them in their readiness for e-Clinical. As an example, we ensure Sites have the scanning capabilities and use the correct processes so that the scanned documents provided to your company meet industry standards.

When you ask Sites to provide scanned documents for your company’s e-TMF or project portal, you know these will be of the correct standard.

Also, TrialDocs support your company by assisting with preparation and digitising of documents ready for ingestion into your company e-TMF. One of the key benefits of e-TMF is the real-time access of documents, to global project teams. We ensure a 30 day turnaround of those documents for e-TMF ingestion.