Our Story

TrialDocs is a gateway of transformational solutions to Clinical Trial Sites, benefiting all stakeholders of a clinical trial. TrialDocs prepare Sites for the e-Clinical era and introduces a strong pipeline of software, hardware and consultation solutions.

A global clinical trial will only succeed optimally, when its trial Sites are operating well. TrialDocs implement solutions at Sites to engage necessary industry change, particularly in the area of document management.

Current Industry solutions make the clinical trial process more complicated and more expensive to execute a trial at Sites; and TrialDocs simply clears the path, enabling Sites and Industry to focus on better outcomes for patients.

TrialDocs was launched early 2013 with a Business, IT and Clinical Research Core, to establish transformational solutions in a global market place. Our Clinical Research Principal, Allan Bukuya, is not satisfied with the status quo and is determining, with global strategic partnerships, to address the key challenges of our industry. Allan brings two decades of experience in BioPharma, Contract Research Organisations and Pathology Science.

TrialDocs Vision

TrialDocs, through strategic alliance and partnership, is quickly becoming the primary solution developer and services provider for clinical trial sites, globally.

Sites seek support from TrialDocs to transform their work practices, and to help them maintain their patient-focus and clinical development initiatives. The Biopharma industry deploy TrialDocs services to transform their trial outcomes.

TrialDocs directorship is currently seeking the right global CRO partnership to progress into the next decade of growth.